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What series is this??

arma-chan asked: Ok senpai, I still love u tho *reads manga with you*

heck eyah B) 

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arma-chan asked: *takes scissors* I can't live without you senpai!

WOAH KIDDO  cal m down i’m here ur here we are both here right here now let’s not do arts and crafts or become akashi and let’s just chill out and read manga like bros 

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When it comes to cooking, not everyone is at the same skill level…

is that aph england



mawaruu asked: mira in the end we all know you choose me

another challenger arrives- 

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shintarokisaragi asked: ok ok ok here goes. . . . . banana phone, navy, ghost


 why this

i hate u mira

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it me(me)


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